David Zadig

Sea Angles are a kind of slug living in the ocean.
When they move it looks like they´re dancing.
Maybe they are in fact dancing?

SeaAngel is also the name of this performance,
 a first of a new trilogy of performances called:  AQUA. TERRA. AER.

With SeaAngels we have tried to create a performance 
that can be of value and joy for many different ages.

Photo: David Zadig

David Zadig

David Zadig

It can shown for adults only, for children or for a mix of ages.  It´s a hybrid of visual art, theatre, dance and video. 

There is no linear narrative but is build up around a set of fragments thematically connected.

 We are water. We come from the ocean.

The intertextual frame is the book Moby-Dick by Herman Melville. 
This book has been interpreted in many ways, in our reading it s about our relationship to nature. 
The mad captain Ahab´s quest for killing the white whale Moby-Dick
 is a strong picture of how the human race are trying to dominate nature

-  which is in fact also ourselves- 

and in the attempt destroys it. 

The ocean is in grave danger. 
This is a terrible fact 
and the reasons why we wanted to make this performance. 
 It´s said that we protect what we love.
 So instead of talking about all the violence that the ocean and its inhabitants are living through in this performance
 we reflect upon the beauty of the sea and our connection to it. 

The performance is easy to tour. Normal electricuty needs. No specific technical requirements. 

For further questions please contact Nina Ossavy: ninaossavy (at)

Performers:  Cristian Weidman, Erikk McKenizie,  Sara Serrano. Director: Nina Ossavy. Videodesign. Sabina Jacobsson. Drawings/Paitings: Brita Skybak. Producer. Ossavy&Kolbenstvedt

Supported by: The Norwegian Cultural Board, Spenn, Fond for performing artists, Fond for sound and image, and Kunstløftet.


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